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You Are About to Become a Funkier Rhythm Guitar Player. 

From the title of this course, you might assume that we’ll be working specifically on the genre of funk guitar.

While it's true, you will learn lots of funky grooves and chords, this course is all about making YOU funkier in ANY style of music. 

All contemporary music can be funky. It doesn’t matter if it’s Blues, Rock, Jazz, RnB or even Country.

What you are about to learn will translate to any of those styles, even if you play acoustic guitar! 

The foundation of Funky rhythm guitar starts with learning how to scratch 16th notes. Understanding the scratch will help you learn how to keep your strumming hand loose and funky at any point in your playing.

In typical funky jams, you’ll be grooving on one chord. Learning how to feel and manipulate the 16th note rhythm is essential to becoming a funky component in any musical situation. 

Once we feel good about our funky strumming, we can move into creating funky grooves and riffs anywhere on the guitar. I’ll show you options for 7th, 9th, Minor 7 chords and more.

Many of us started our guitar journey playing blues and there’s plenty of funky blues songs out there.

You will be adding even more funky rhythms to your blues playing!

There is even an entire section dedicated to single line funk playing where we’ll focus on bubble picking and the skank rhythm!

You'll learn how to take some of those single line concepts and put them to use over Funky rock and RnB grooves. 

I really wanted to make this course an overview of how to be funkier as a rhythm guitar player.

There’s examples for different genres and plenty of easy to understand theory that will help you take your playing to the next level.

Like all of my courses, I’ve included plenty of backing tracks, PDFs and Guitar Pro files to help you practice. 

I’m confident that Funk Rhythm Foundation contains everything you’ll need to becoming a funkier player.

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