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Be The Hero at Any Blues Jam!

Welcome to Blues Jam Companion

Blues Jam Companion is a collection of lessons in which you’ll learn multiple rhythm guitar examples for 10 popular blues songs that you often encounter at Blues Jams.

For each of the 10 songs you will learn two different options for playing rhythm and tools to accompanying soloists or vocalists. 

This isn’t just a course on how to play these 10 Blues songs. What’s hidden in this course is over 20 options for 12 bar blues rhythms.

Not everyone will play Everyday I Have the Blues the way you learned it so being able to quickly adapt to different tempos and keys is secret to being a hero at any blues jam.

These song examples have many rhythm parts that you can pull from for inspiration. So, when the song you know is performed differently from how you learned it or, is called in a different key, tempo or feel, you’ll be ready.

You will learn multiple ways to play classics like the The Thrill is Gone, Sweet Home Chicago, Stormy Monday and many more.

Each lesson is transcribed with PDFs and Guitar Pro files available as well as backing tracks for every song. 

Blues Jam Companion is truly going to equip you for the next jam session so, let’s jump in and play the blues!

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